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Gugull sterony - yellow resin made by the tree Commiphora mukul

Commiphora mukul is a healing plant used in natural medicine. It is short bush with stickers growing in India. Guggul and guggul resin are names for this plan because of its yellow resin.

Resin of this tree is used in obesity treatment and another diseases caused by it, including clogging the vessels.

Keton element, which is extracting from the resin contain high effective substances which decrease cholesterol. Extracted izolated keton steroid elements are know as guggul sterons.

It has good influence to
losing the weight (increases thyroid gland hormone function, which helps with splitting of fat cells)
helps with loosing weight and good metabolism
decreases inflammation of joints and protects against arthritis
decreases the level of cholesterol
keeps from vessel crusting
dissolves sludge
has a detoxicate effect

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