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Gainer cocktail

Gainer cocktail
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It is a sacharide-protein cocktail for athletes with high-energy needs.

Light and tasty cocktail for fast energy recover, relaxing of muscles, suitable as a proper food.

Nourishing supplement with perfect combination of simple and complex carbohydrates, special mixture of essential amino acids, enriched by L-carnitine, chromium, enzymes, minerals K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn and antioxidants C and E, beta carotene.

  • Source of simple and complex sacharides – gives energy for immediate and for long time as well
  • Source of animal and plant proteins – supports to recover and increase the muscle cells
  • Optimal ratio of carbohydrates and proteins 4:1 – does not interfere with regeneration
  • Enzymes – provide perfect fission and digestion of proteins
  • L-carnitine – helps with fat burning in organism, uses fats as a source of energy, saves glycogen, increases strength and endurance
  • Chromium – supports metabolism of sugars and fat burning
  • The source of antioxidants – protects from effects of free radicals
  • The source of minerals – decreases the overall occurrence of muscular cramps and suppress pain in muscles
  • Fat content 0% – the only one on the market, suitable also during diet


  • for athletes with a need of muscle mass increasing
  • for trainings with long-time load
  • for endurance sports
  • for people with quick metabolism and problems to grow weight

Recommended dosage:

– for growing the body mass – 3 times a day, best in the morning, 1 hour before training and 1 hour after training
- for increasing the energy and total regeneration – 2 times a day, best 1 hour before training and right after training Maximum daily dosage: 250 g of powder per day
- for children older than 8 years 3 times a day without main meals


40 g of powder (2 dipsticks) mix with 200 ml of water or no fat milk (for 0% fat content we suggest to mix it with water).

the base – maltodextrine, whey powder, glucose, soya isolate, whey concentrate, stabilizer E415, L-carnitine, aspartame, beta-carotene, enzymes, vitamins C a E, ferrous lactate, zinc lactate, chromium piccolinate

Nourishing informations100 g40 g /1 dosage
Energy value 1530 kJ 612 kJ
Carbohydrates 21,6 g 8,6 g
Sugars 68,4 g 27,4 g
Vitamins and mineral substancesOVD % in 1 dosage
C (ascorbic acid) 14 mg 5,6 mg 5,7%
E (tocopherol) 4,5 mg 1,8 mg 12%
Beta-carotene 1,0 mg 0,4 mg 8,9 %
Mg (magnesium) 49 mg 19,6 mg 5,2%
K (potassium) 745 mg 298 mg 14,9%
Ca (calcium) 242 mg 96,8 mg 8,8%
Fe (iron) 5,6 mg 2,2 mg 14,0%
Zn (zinc) 2,5 mg 1,0 mg 7,7%
Na (sodium) 460 mg 184 mg 7,4%
Cr (chromium) 60 μg 24 μg 16%
Amino acids  
L-carnitine 335 mg 134 mg  


Contains phenylalanin. Not suitable for people with lactose intolerance and for diabetics. Does not contain any preservatives or synthetic colourings. Store by temperature up to 25˚C. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Handle carefully after opening and seal the cover properly.

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