10 Biggest Myths about Nutrition and Healthy Eating
10 Biggest Myths about Nutrition and Healthy Eating

10 Biggest Myths about Nutrition and Healthy Eating

10 Biggest Myths about Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Reading a popular magazine, browsing social networks or visiting popular websites involve us with a huge amount of information about nutrition and health. Very often this information is misleading or partly untrue.


As a result, misinformation arises that people spread among themselves and reach a large part of the population. Let´s a look at the 10 most common myths related to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

1. If I want to lose weight healthily, all I have to do is reduce my calorie intake

This is the most important factor in losing weight, but it's not the only thing that matters. Relying purely on the number of calories may not be effective for everyone because of factors such as hormonal imbalances, metabolic disorders, the use of certain drugs, genetics ...

If we were to monitor purely the number of calories, we could neglect the quality of the diet, as we would focus only on the caloric value of the food and not on its nutritional value. This can lead to the selection of low calorie, low nutrient foods.

Fact: Always look at your calories comprehensively - so make sure you have enough protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber and, of course, vitamins or minerals.

Proteín, ovocie, zdravé jedlo položené na stole

2. Foods rich in fats are inappropirate for losing weight

Many people are still afraid of higher fat foods and follow low-fat diets when losing weight in the hope that this is the key to success. However, fat in the diet is essential for overall health, its deficiency can lead to various health complications.

Fact: Extreme is dangerous  - neither extremely little fat nor extremely much fat. Reach for foods that contain beneficial fats for the body and you will see that you will be able to lose weight much more effectively.

3. Less calories - better for my diet

Intake of too few calories can lead to metabolic disorders and long-term health consequences. Although in the short term it may seem to you at first that low calorie intake really helps you lose weight and feel better, in the long run you will slow down your metabolism and you will feel hungry more often.

Fact: Low calorie diets lead to a yo-yo effect. The best way to lose weight for a long time is not to follow any diet, but to change your lifestyle.

4. Nutritional supplements are a waste of money

While a varied and well-balanced diet is most important, nutritional supplements, when they are used properly and in the right form, can be beneficial. The aim of their consumption is to supplement the intake of certain nutrients if a person for various reasons is not able to receive them in sufficient quantities in the form of a normal diet (athletes, the elderly, pregnancy, special health problems,…).

Fact: Nutritional supplements are a very good way to help your overall health or improve your sports performance.

tabletky kapsulky kapsule doplnok výživy vitamíny

5. "Fat-free" foods are best choice

In stores, there is a quantity of foods labeled low-fat, fat-free, less fat ... Although these products are attractive to those who want to get rid of excess body fat, they are usually not the best choice.

Fact: These foods often contain much more added sugar and salt than their classic "fat" variants.

6. Small portions several times a day

Many people follow the method of small portions, which they break down into several meals a day. Although it is a relatively good way of eating, which is suitable for everyone, it simply does not suit someone. If a person is healthy, the frequency of his meals does not matter, it is important to satisfy his energy needs.

Fact: It is not strictly stated how many portions of food during the day are better. There is something different for everyone, it is important that we do not consume too few or too many calories.

7. Slim person = healthy person

It is true that obesity is associated with many health problems from diabetes, high cholesterol to heart disease. However, it is not true that the only solution is to be slim. The most important thing is to change your lifestyle, eat well, have a good night's sleep and move. With this change will come side benefits such as weight loss.

Fact: Just because someone is slim doesn't mean they're healthy. Likewise, a more obese person does not always have to be sick.

zdravé jedlo nezdravé jedlo jablko donut

8. We gain from carbohydrates

Just as the blame for gaining weight is attributed to fat, so it is also attributed to carbohydrates. But the truth is that without carbohydrates, our body would not be able to function properly. However, they are not carbohydrates like carbohydrates - you need to know how to choose. The best are those that contain a high proportion of fiber, vitamins and minerals and provide the body with the necessary nutrients. We should limit the intake of carbohydrates from various cakes, sweetened drinks, sweets.

Fact: Carbohydrates are important fuel for our body. Choose polysaccharides, stop with simple carbohydrates when trying to reduce weight. Combine carbohydrates with proteins, which will ensure a more gradual and long-term release of energy.

9. All I need is a fat burner and I lose weight

We still find people, who think that fat burners are miracle pills that they take and will lose weight. But the truth is that fat burners only help us to burn hidden fat reserves.

Fact: Fat burners are used with regular physical activity. Then burners act on fat stores, which they convert into energy, which we burn during sports.

10. Fruit smoothies are perfect for weight loss

Various smoothies are a great choice to supplement the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals or fiber. However, there is also a lot of sugar in fruit shakes, so you need to be careful about the amount you eat. First of all, prepare the smoothie at home, those bought from the store are often sweetened.

Fact: Smoothie is good, but only to a certain extent. Alternatively, add more non-starch vegetables or protein and less sweet fruit to your shake.

žena, ktorá sedí pri stole a pije smoothie