Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

As a Slovak manufacturer, KOMPAVA, in addition to the production of nutritional supplements, is also engaged in the trade of raw materials and contract manufacturing of nutritional supplements.

About company

The KOMPAVA company was founded on April 1, 2002 in Nové Mesto nad Váhom by Mr. and Mrs. Komorech, where it operates to this day and is constantly growing.

More than 22 years on the market.

From the very beginning, the company focuses not only on the production and sale of nutritional supplements, but mainly on its own development. Every single product is developed and manufactured in such a way that it has maximum functionality and contains raw materials of the highest quality.

Product development

KOMPAVA is a stable company that independently develops its own nutritional supplements. In cooperation with professional and hobby athletes, doctors, physiotherapists and nutritionists, he implements all knowledge into the product formula.

It mainly places importance on the safety and effectiveness of the product. Without fulfilling these two important aspects, the nutritional supplement will not leave the development center, will not be registered and will not reach the market.

The implemented control system and the FSSC 22000 certificate guarantee 100% product quality and safety.

The company provides its own laboratory tests in accredited laboratories, efficiency tests with athletes, doctors and clinics. In our own laboratory, every single raw material is checked with every single delivery.

The products are made from pure food and pharmaceutical raw materials that are permitted within the European Union.

Product portfolio

The portfolio consists of more than 80 products, which are divided into three lines:

  • sports advice - proteins, burners, energizers, drinking regimen, amino acids, pre-workout stimulants, regeneration products
  • pharma council - immunity, digestion, detoxification, nervous system, joints, heart and blood vessels
  • anti age advice - products to nourish the skin, hair, nails and improve vitality

The products are distributed to sports shops, fitness centers, pharmacies, organic shops, sports clubs, health clinics, the dm drogerie markt network or various e-shops.

All products are developed and manufactured not only for top athletes and active individuals, but also for people who like to improve their life and strengthen their overall health.

KOMPAVA's team constantly keeps up with the times, follows leading global trends and studies in the field of nutrition, sports and healthy lifestyle support.

Constant growth

Initially, the company operated as a manufacturer of nutritional supplements in small production facilities, where almost everything was done "by hand". The owner, who is a biochemist, worked on the development of the recipes herself.

Today, a team of trained experts is working on the development, and the production premises are equipped with modern machines to ensure the highest quality of the resulting products. Two to four new products are added to the portfolio every year, prepared by our development team.

The development of each product takes time, especially if it is a product using new substances that must undergo the necessary testing.

In addition to the production premises, the company has its own laboratories, in which recipes are created for the creation of unique products distributed to almost all of Europe.

Currently, the company offers customers the opportunity to use the knowledge and practical experience of the entire professional team to create their own nutritional supplements.

Already today, you can find many products on the market that come from our workshop and are sold under well-known brands.

Contract production

As part of contract manufacturing, we provide the customer with all the necessary steps to turn the idea into a finished product ready for market launch:

  • individual consultations according to the client's requirements, setting goals
  • recipe proposal
  • testing in the laboratory (sensory properties, behavior of the mixture, practical application)
  • provision of all incoming raw materials, packaging materials and samples
  • microbiological control of raw materials
  • from design to label printing
  • legislative provision
  • product registration at the Office of Public Health
  • product analysis in an accredited laboratory
  • production in our production facilities according to the FSSC 22000 certificate and application of the HACCP system
  • shipping directly to you (by agreement)

Production possibilities

KOMPAVA's production department focuses mainly on powder and capsule production.

Available product forms:

  • powder mixtures
  • capsules
  • tablets, gels and other forms by agreement
Powder form Package size
Filling powder forms into mini bags 6 g – 50 g
Filling powder forms into ziplock bags 300 g – 1 kg
Filling powder forms into cans 150 g – 5 kg

Capsule filling options:

  • vegan (color white)
  • acid-resistant (translucent color)
Capsule form Weight in 1 capsule
Vegan capsule 350 mg – 550 mg
Acid-resistant capsule 350 mg – 550 mg

Available packaging:

  • cans for encapsulated products
    - white 100 ml (up to 80 cps)
    - white 200 ml (up to 120 cps)
    - white 250 ml (up to 180 cps)
  • tubes (10-20 tablets with a diameter of 24 mm)
  • paper boxes

Important and frequently asked questions

  1. How long does it take to develop a product?
    The standard length of product development (from design to production) takes approximately 6 months. It depends primarily on the type of product that the client requires to be produced (encapsulated or in powder form, raw materials used, packaging materials, length of effect testing...).
  2. Can I have one of your products made and sell them under my own brand?
    No, we do not do such orders. Each product for a contractual client is unique, there is no copy. We do not "repackage" products.
  3. Can I design my own recipe, according to which you will make the product for me?
    Yes, the client can also offer his own recipe. The production of such a product is approved only after its consultation with the development department, where several criteria are evaluated (the effectiveness of the composition based on available studies and our experience, the application of the formula from a technological point of view, the availability of the proposed raw materials).
  4. What is the minimum quantity of products that I can have produced by you?
    It is necessary to achieve such an amount of the mixture that the production of the product is possible and efficient from a technological and economic point of view. In general, we operate with a quantity of at least 500 products. However, everything depends on the specific weight and composition of the product. However, the minimum order must be respected!
  5. Do you also produce specific products - vegetarian, vegan, allergen-free?
    Yes, we currently have vegetable substitutes for several typically animal raw materials, we use vegetable capsules. We also use alternative substitutes for raw materials that are lactose-free. All the ingredients we use are gluten-free.
  6. What products can you make?
    For inspiration, you can find a portfolio of products that we can produce on our website