Muscle & Body Regeneration

Do you think you will get the best results when you release your soul in the gym? It's time to focus on what you're doing outside of gym. The more you sweat and work on yourself, the more intense the subsequent regeneration should be, and it is only way to prepare our body to do it again!

Burn your tendons properly after heavy weight training? However, this does not mean that your muscles will grow. They do not increase their volume during exercise, but only after it. Intensive training disrupts tissue at the micro level and consumes our energy. If you want to get the most out of your workout, go smart and pay attention to the post-workout phase. Start by stretching your body properly, relaxing and giving it exactly what it needs.

After a demanding workout, the muscles urgently need nutrition that will take care about energy renewal and growth of muscle mass. An excellent choice is a protein drink containing BCAAs, which play an important role in the synthesis of muscle proteins and thus support the growth and renewal of muscle cells. Other preparations containing substances such as glutamine, other amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, HMB also have positive effects on regeneration. Whether you prefer endurance or strength training, everyone can choose from us!