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Fitness bars

Whether you are a busy parent, an athlete who needs to recharge, or a person who want to lose weight, a nutritional bar is definitely good choice. Thanks to the high content of proteins, fiber and other nutrients, it can be a great nutritional supplement even with the strictest diet.

What are proteins and how to supplement them appropriately

Proteins are an essential part of important functions in human body. However, the body cannot make them, it must take them in food. When proteins are broken down during digestion, substances called amino acids are formed. They are used to create and maintain muscle mass and organs. Without proteins, we would not be able to produce blood, antibodies, tissues, enzymes, or even hair. Sufficient protein in a demanding fitness regime is, of course, important. 

Although you start off in the morning with a rich breakfast, your body may not be ready for high performance in the afternoon or the evening before training. Your blood sugar has dropped and you feel a slight weakness. This is when energy needs to be optimized to meet current needs. If you want to replace food with something small and nutritious, a healthy bar is ideal. The body does not burden too much, but it provides important nutrients.

  • Protein bars contain a special mixture of proteins, healthy fats and fiber, with a low glycemic index and prebiotic character. They perfectly complement a healthy diet.
  • Energy bars are an important source of energy. They work perfectly to extend performance and take care of the rapid renewal of energy resources. Thanks to the balanced composition, they are suitable before, during and after sports performance. In addition, you will find helpers such as L-carnitine, taurine, inosine, chromium, lecithin, vitamins and minerals.
  • Nutritional joint bars will take care of replenishing energy, you will get many important building and nutrients from them to protect and regenerate the joint apparatus. They contain a special mixture of hydrolyzed gelatin, chondroitin, glucosamine, vitamins and minerals that strengthen and regenerate stressed joints.