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Energy sources

Energy and endurance are crucial to overcoming boundaries. Whether it is weight training exercises, long marathons, endurance sports like cycling, running, swimming, crossfit, or fitness, where the organism enters a phase of water loss (dehydration) and energy depletion, it is good to fortify and regenerate for further challenges. Need an immediate energy source? Thanks to our nutritional supplements, you will not only be able to train longer and more effectively but also with greater intensity, thereby enhancing your performance.

Do you need to push to the maximum but find yourself lacking strength? Or have you been feeling a prolonged lack of energy and are looking for a suitable energy source that would allow you to fully dedicate yourself to your sports passion? There are numerous nutritional supplements for an energy boost.

The main effects of energy nutritional supplements

  • Provide the body with the necessary energy when needed
  • Supply the body with energy continuously and steadily
  • Support rapid muscle regeneration
  • Maintain the body in good condition
  • Support immunity
  • Help prevent hypoglycemia and energy fluctuations
  • Support muscle mass gain
  • Don't burden digestion

For example, reach for an immediate source of energy from carbohydrate and fat sources in the form of an energy gel. It contains a complex of stimulating substances, such as taurine, which can delay fatigue. It provides your body with the necessary energy and thus maintains your performance at a first-class level. The gel is designed for everyday training as well as demanding races. In addition, it comes in convenient packaging so you can take it with you everywhere. Thanks to it, you can avoid the feeling of exhaustion and confidently reach your desired goal.

Comprehensive isotonic energy drinks aim to enhance performance, improve endurance, provide immediate energy, and replenish hydration. They are an excellent energy source.

Glucose can contribute to restoring normal muscle function after intense or regular prolonged physical exertion. The result of intense training is muscle fatigue and depletion of glycogen stores in skeletal muscles. Glucose is an irreplaceable carbohydrate source.

Maltodextrin is a longer-lasting energy source that replenishes energy during and shortly after performance. It consists of 15 glucose units that are digested in the small intestine. It is present in several nutritional supplements.

L-carnitine is an effective cellular energizer that converts fats into energy.

A great way to catch one's breath and indulge in something delightful is through popular energy bars. If you prefer solid energy sources, these small cereal snacks are perfect for you. They do not burden the stomach, boasting excellent taste and a complex dose of beneficial substances, vitamins, and minerals. You will satisfy your cravings and boost your performance at the same time.

All of these products are suitable nutritional supplements for athletes and active people. It's important to remember that achieving desired athletic results is very difficult without an appropriate energy source and quality regeneration.