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Energy with which you can embark on everything. It is an investment that will help us achieve exceptional results in the gym. You must work hard on yourself, know your limits and always go a little further than you are used to.

  • Gainer

If you have trouble getting as many calories as your muscles need, it's time to supplement them in a different way. Do you want outlined muscles, but you don't have anything to shape them yet? Then the answer is a gainer with a high content of proteins and carbohydrates - it will help you build a solid muscle mass. Contains a perfect combination of simple and complex carbohydrates, a quality mixture of proteins (whey and soy protein) and in addition it is enriched with digestive enzymes that improve digestion and the utilization of valuable nutrients. Its effect will be visible even if you are not a bodybuilder, but you do not gain enough weight. Alternatively, if you want to gain weight without overeating a heavy and unhealthy meal.

  • Creatine

If you need to increase your performance, creatine is an excellent solution. It will charge you with new energy, thanks to which you will be able to train longer and more intensely than you were used to. It is a substance that is commonly found in muscle cells. During weightlifting and intense exercise, helps the muscles produce energy. In terms of chemical composition, creatine is similar to amino acids, the body can produce it itself, but in limited quantities. In addition to improving physical ability, helps muscles regenerate and increases the production of anabolic hormone.

You can combine both types of products, which increases their absorption and efficiency. Is ideal to take them in the morning, before and after training. Together with a training program and the necessary dose of discipline, the resulting effect will be seen really soon.