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Gainers and carbohydrates

Need to gain weight? Are you calorie-deficient? A gainer for the growth of muscle mass is your ally if you have decided to bulk up. It contains a high amount of carbohydrates and calories. Bodybuilders, active athletes, and people requiring a quality source of carbohydrates often reach for it to build body mass for the later shaping phase during training. Or are you just too busy, with a demanding daily routine, and no time left for preparing complex meals? In this case, a gainer can serve as a quick way to get the necessary calories.

The Best Weight Gainer

In English, the word „gain“ means to gain weight. If you want well-defined muscles but lack the base to build them, a weight gainer with high protein and carbohydrate content can be the solution. If you are struggling with a calorie deficit in your diet, change your perspective. The solution might lie in a bulk gainer. It helps you shape solid muscle mass through a combination of simple and more complex carbohydrates, quality proteins such as whey and soy protein, and additional digestive enzymes that aid in better nutrient utilization. Its effects may be noticeable even for those who are not professional bodybuilders but struggle with weight gain or want to increase weight without unhealthy eating.

For whom is the gainer mainly intended

  • Athletes aiming for effective muscle gain
  • Bodybuilders undergoing prolonged strain and intense physical exertion during training
  • Endurance athletes for energy supplementation and faster regeneration
  • People with a fast metabolism
  • People struggling to gain weight

Gainer for Women

Are you among the women dreaming of a beautifully defined body, a perfect tummy, firm and slim legs, free of excess fat? First, you will need to gain muscle mass. Then define. You are probably already aware of this, so the solution for you is a gainer. It is not just for bodybuilders, certainly not only for men. You women can confidently use weight gainers to gain muscle mass, to later transform that mass into the perfect figure you have always desired.


We can safely call it fuel for muscles and the brain. A brain without glucose is like a car with an empty tank. Glucose is the only source of energy that nerve cells (neurons) can use. 1 teaspoon of glucose is as sweet as 0,8 teaspoons of sugar. After intense or regular prolonged physical activity, glucose contributes to restoring normal muscle function. The result of intense training is muscle fatigue and depletion of glycogen stores in skeletal muscles. It is an irreplaceable source of carbohydrates.