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Nutritional supplements for runners

Nutritional supplements have become a part of the training process for many athletes. People engaged in running need to ensure they are sufficiently hydrated, and a Hypotonic Ionic Drink for hydrating the organism and replenishing fluids is a great choice for runners. During endurance performances required by runners, whether you are a recreational or professional runner, such hydration is indeed an essential component.

This kind of drink quickly provides you with energy in the form of the carbohydrate glucose and a gradual source of energy in the form of maltodextrin. It also replenishes essential minerals in the body, thereby preventing muscle cramps by preventing their complete depletion from the body afterward.

Energy can also be supplied to the body during endurance runs through an energy drink containing maltodextrin, glucose, green tea extract (stimulating the central nervous system and brain function, thereby eliminating signs of fatigue), glutamine, taurine (boosting brain function, supporting muscle anabolism, and regulating water in the body), L-carnitine (participating in fat burning in the organism and transforming it into energy), vitamins B, C, E, and minerals (Na, Ca, K, Mg), which contribute to normal muscle function.

If you are into running, try to think about how you feel after your runs. According to the above, you might discover what your body needs during running. Stay persistent.