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Need a boost before your workout? To enhance your training session, consuming a pre-workout stimulant before you start exercising is an excellent choice. Thanks to its proper composition, it helps increase the growth hormone levels to support muscle growth, such as pure arginine. Pre-workout stimulants are beneficial for many athletes in boosting performance and maximizing training results. These products, often known as pre-workout supplements, contain ingredients such as L-arginine, L-glutamine, L-citrulline, L-ornithine, and others that can improve energy, endurance, and concentration during exercise.

Amino acids like arginine are beneficial for athletes as they aid in improving blood circulation, which can enhance nutrient and oxygen delivery to muscle tissues during exercise. This increased blood flow leads to a feeling of excitement and increased muscle performance during training. Arginine boosts the level of NO–pump effect, hence they are also referred to as pre-workout pumps.

Additionally, the amino acid Taurine is also suitable as it acts as a stimulant/performance substance. It supports the nervous system, improves both physical and mental performance, and contributes to faster regeneration.

The engine for muscle regeneration and growth is L-glutamine. What does it mean? It serves as a primary nitrogen source for your muscles, which is crucial for muscle growth post-workout. Simultaneously, it protects your muscle proteins from breaking down after exercise. Additionally, it supports muscle tissue regeneration. Think of it as a guardian and healer for your muscles.

Imagine a small wizard within your body that, over time, transforms into L-arginine. It is precisely L-citrulline malate. Thus, it becomes the substance your organism needs for nitrogen synthesis. Thanks to it, you experience that unforgettable PUMP effect lasting up to eight hours. It increases energy production (ATP) in the muscles by over 35%, effectively utilizing oxygen during both exertion and rest.

We could safely call L-lysine the guardian of your immune system's health. Since L-arginine can sometimes cause harm, this amino acid prevents it, ensuring your body does not become an ideal environment for the Herpes simplex virus.

Finally, L-ornithine acts as the conductor of this entire stimulating group. It prolongs the PUMP effect, keeping your muscles at their peak for longer. Additionally, it activates growth hormone and creatine production, crucial for muscle formation, while also aiding in subcutaneous fat removal.

If you need to make your training more efficient, energize, pump your muscles, delay fatigue, and enhance performance, pre-workout stimulants will help you in achieving that.