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Weight Loss Supplements

Who would not want to be beautiful and slim? There are various approaches to achieving the ideal of slimness, but they are often associated with feelings of hunger and dissatisfaction. Insufficient discipline can lead to the rapid failure of these methods. If your goal is truly to lose weight, fat reduction is essential and will also benefit your health. On average, men have 10% body fat, and women have 15%. Exercise is a key factor in the weight loss equation, but nutrition also plays an important role.

Risks Associated with Starvation

A quick effort to lose weight can lead to undesired weight loss, involving loss of fat, muscles, water, and organ size. Calorie restriction is a common approach that can lead to the loss of essential nutrients, especially proteins.

If weight loss exceeds 0,9 kg per week, more than just fat is lost. It is better to proceed slowly and steadily to avoid the yo-yo effect. Be cautious of drastic approaches like starving, as they can result in a rapid return to the original weight.

How to lose weight healthy


Ensure healthy and sustainable weight loss through a supply of proteins that support fat burning in various ways. Foods with higher protein content keep you satiated for longer.

Caffeine and Green Tea Extract

Caffeine promotes the release of epinephrine and stimulates fat breakdown. After a few hours, it increases thermogenesis, meaning higher calorie burning and energy and heat production.


This amino acid acts as a transporter of fatty acids to muscles, where they are burned for energy. It is essential for an efficient fat metabolism.


A trace element that supports the proper functioning of insulin, an important hormone for converting food into energy. It helps to reduce the feeling of hunger, increases calorie burning, and contributes to the formation and maintenance of muscle mass.

Yucca Root

An ancient plant found in South America, Africa, and Asia, containing plenty of fiber, potassium, choline, and vitamin C. It helps the body rid itself of toxins and deposits. Ideal if your body needs a general cleansing.


Sugar from the outer layers of lobsters, crabs, and shrimps can bind fats and cholesterol, preventing their absorption in the body.