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The story of KOMPAVA

The story of KOMPAVA

Ing. Želmíra Komorechová

majiteľka spoločnosti Kompava

It started as a dream of one woman and today it has been more than 21 years that KOMPAVA has been helping people improve their health and sports performance.

Today, KOMPAVA is known to the public as a company whose name is associated with high-quality and effective products to support health and sports performance. Behind its creation and success is the owner, biochemist Ing. Želmíra Komorechová, who is still behind the birth of every single product.

How did our story begin to be written?

The very development and production of nutritional supplements - and thus the beginnings of KOMPAVA, as you know it today - began in 2002. The idea of developing and producing nutritional supplements was brought to Mrs. Komorechová by her nephew, who had successfully started triathlon. She noticed in her nephew that he was tired and lacking energy after demanding sports performances, which subsequently had a negative effect on his other performances. At that time, the awareness of the effects of nutritional supplements was not as developed as it is today. After she gave him the first nutritional supplements to try, his performance improved significantly and his body regenerated faster. This gave Mrs. Komorechova the courage and determination to develop and produce natural nutritional supplements directly in Slovakia.

"At first, the customers did not trust the company, it was a Slovak company after all. At that time, there was a boom in foreign companies and a philosophy that is foreign is good. Domestic producers consulted a section that people did not trust. However, the ice was broken when customers received sample packs and could try the products on themselves. They discovered that the products are of high quality and really work," said Mrs. Komorechová, the owner and founder of KOMPAVA.

In our beginnings in 2002, we focused on the development and production of nutritional supplements to support sports performance. We launched the first products, namely HypoFit®, EnergoFit, Gainer cocktail, Creatine Creapure® and Gelo-3 complex®. All products are still available today and are very popular with customers.

Sports nutrition alone is not enough for an athlete to perform well. His health is also an important factor, which is why in 2003 we at KOMPAVE started developing and producing health support products in the form of capsules. By expanding the portfolio to include this type of product, it meant that we began to help not only athletes, but also the general population with health problems such as digestive problems, weakened immune system, cardiovascular diseases and many others.

Currently, you can find more than 80 types of products in our portfolio, and we are constantly working on developing new ones in order to support the health, sports performance and youthful appearance of each of you. Our products are divided into three product lines:

  • sports advice - proteins, burners, energizers, drinking regimen, amino acids, pre-workout stimulants, regeneration products
  • pharma council - immunity, digestion, detoxification, nervous system, joints, heart and blood vessels
  • anti age advice - products to nourish the skin, hair, nails and improve vitality

What makes us special?

We can be proud of our own development center and production premises, so we manufacture all our products with love directly in Slovakia, in Nové Mesto nad Váhom. In production, we use raw materials from the most selected suppliers from around the world. The products are made from pure food and pharmaceutical raw materials, which are permitted within the European Union and meet the strict production requirements of the Slovak Republic.

Every single product is developed to have maximum functionality and contain the highest quality raw materials to guarantee you, our customers, the safety and effectiveness of the products. We use the highest quality raw materials and the maximum approved quantities so that the effectiveness is as effective as possible. You won't find any artificial dyes, flavors or preservatives in KOMPAVA products. We are supporters of the fact that nutritional supplements should help the body and not pollute it with various artificial additives.

In addition to nutritional supplements, we offer our customers the opportunity to undergo several diagnostic examinations at the METFLEX Diagnostic Center, which you can find on the premises of our company.

Who makes up our team?

Our team consists of a number of trained professionals who participate in development, production, trade, marketing and the overall functioning of our company. We feel responsible for everything we do. We strive to exceed the expectations of you, our customers, and we want to bring you the best.

"Live an effective life" is the motto we follow in the production of each product. "Our main goal is for you to appreciate and trust our products, just as we put all our knowledge and hearts into them. Thank you for being with us, because together we can do more."