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Proteins are real hit in modern nutrition. According to the latest researches, the ideal meal should consist the highest possible amount of protein content, while at the same time lower amount of carbohydrates. The body needs proteins for creation process and regeneration process of muscle tissue. Body also uses proteins to create enzymes and hormones that drive a number of chemical reactions in organism. Thanks to proteins, organism also creates hemoglobin, which is a carrier of oxygen in the blood. A protein can be composed of more than twenty different types of amino acids. Nine of them must be taken from food, as the body, unlike the others amino acids, cannot create them on its own.

Protein shakes are the most basic nutritional supplement for any bodybuilder or athlete with an emphasis on muscle growth and high quality muscle mass. Protein shakes are a rich source of proteins and amino acids, which are the basic building blocks of every muscle cell, which leads to fact that by excercising and consuming proteins shakes, muscles grow faster. Protein shakes use also improves regeneration processes, performance and vitamins in combination with exercising strengthens the immune system.

According to the protein content, they can be divided into whey concentrate (35 - 89%) - suitable for beginners, whey isolate (90-95%) - the best protein shake for advanced bodybuilders with high demands and finally whey hydrolyzate (95-99%) - the best quality protein shake with a high protein content, which is pre-digested and is therefore more usable by the oeganism. However, there are also caseins, soy, pea, hemp, egg, beef or proteins, but the most widespread is still whey protein.

For beginners or people with a problem of muscle mass gaining, we recommend protein shakes with a lower protein content and for advanced sportsmen protein shakes with a protein content of 60% or more. Thanks to the usage of purely natural raw materials, our protein shakes are also suitable for young people and juniors. We also offer special proteins for women that will help you successfully start your metabolism for weight loss.

If you are new to the world of proteins, it can be difficult for you to figure out how and when to use protein shakes properly. It depends on your training schedules and what you actually want to achieve:

  • between two meals - For some people, protein shake can be a solution to control the need to overeat and munch when lunch is over and dinner is still far away.
  • instead of food - If you don't have time to cook or you want to lose some calories, you can replace one meal with a protein shake. However, remember that protein shakes cannot replace a varied diet in term of long run.
  • before training - At this point, your body needs a slower absorbed form of proteins to prevent it from being depleted quickly. If you start exercising with low protein levels, it will take much longer for the body to regenerate after training. Before you start exercising, your body will appreciate the protein shake containing casein and carbohydrates.
  • after training - The ideal time for a protein shake. In this stage, body needs this species the most. Do this within 30 minutes after the exercise to start the muscle cell renewal process in time.