Energy support

If you exercise regularly and engage in demanding workouts or high-performance sports, it is certainly a challenge for your body. During these moments, it is crucial to provide your body with the necessary energy, „recharge your batteries,“ and support it through supplements that enhance performance. These supplements ensure that your training sessions are more effective, enduring, and robust.

Before and after intense athletic performances, considering the intake of BCAAs is advisable. These amino acids support rapid regeneration and provide energy for the muscles. Their presence in the body accelerates protein production and prevents their breakdown in muscles during demanding exercises and physical exertion.

Quality sources of energy that boost athletic performance include diets supplemented with stimulating substances like:

  • glucose, amino acids, and minerals. These include energy bars, energy tablets, capsules, or energy gels, aiding in sustaining optimal performance levels.

An effective solution to boost performance is also creatine, which assists muscles in producing energy during exercises.

Other suitable performance support resources

  • Maltodextrin – due to its properties, it does not burden the stomach and does not cause digestive issues. It is a suitable energy source for endurance sports to support performance.
  • Glucose – the only form of sugar that flows in the blood. It thus reaches the entire body and functions as a quick energy source.
  • Taurine – a natural stimulant that positively influences endurance and performance. It is recommended for individuals preparing for intense and prolonged physical activities.
  • ThermoFit – a thermogenic fat burner containing natural substances that not only support intense fat burning but also supply the body with the necessary energy, thereby increasing and supporting physical performance.