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Energy support

Hard and frequent fitness training or any difficult sports performances are always strenous  for our organism. That's when it's good to give the body energy with supplements. These will provide stronger, more persistent and therefore more effective training.

Before and after intense sports exercise, it is advisable to take BCAAs, which accelerate the production of proteins, support immediate regeneration and provide energy for muscles.

Quality energy sources that support sports performance include nutritional supplements containing a complex of stimulants such as glucose, amino acids and minerals. These include energy bars, energy pills or energy gels that help maintain performance at a first-class level.

Creatine is also a good solution to support performance, which helps the muscles produce energy during exercise.

Other suitable resources to support performance:

  • Maltodextrin - due to its properties, it does not burden the stomach and does not cause digestive problems. It is a suitable source of energy in endurance sports to support performance.
  • Glucose - is the only form of sugar that flows in the blood. It reaches the whole body and acts as a quick source of energy.
  • Taurine - is a natural stimulant that has a positive effect on endurance and performance. It should be used by people who are about to give intense and long-lasting physical performance.
  • ThermoFit - thermogenic fat burner contains natural substances that not only help with intensive fat burning, but also supply the body with the necessary energy, thus increasing and supporting physical performance.