Collagen plays a central role in all structures of your body. Up to 30% of all proteins in the body are created by collagen, which ranks it among the most prevalent. Its role is to create connective tissues, whether it is skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, or cartilage. It is, in fact, a protein that acts as a building block to maintain the elasticity and firmness of your tissues. Collagen constitutes up to 80% of the skin's weight.

You might have heard about hydrolyzed collagen. It results from the breakdown of collagen into smaller parts, called collagen peptides, with lower molecular weight. These have the ability to be more easily absorbed into the body, making this form of collagen considered the most effective. Hydrolyzed collagen is the most usable form of collagen for the body since your body struggles to digest collagen in its original form. Therefore, hydrolyzed collagen is the right choice when looking for the most effective collagen for yourself.

What are the effects of collagen?

  • Improves the appearance and health of the skin
  • Strengthens hair and nails
  • Supports joint and cartilage health
  • Aids in fighting signs of aging
  • Assists in the formation of the structure of arteries and blood vessels.

Pure collagen is of the highest quality, and free of any additional unwanted substances (such as dyes, preservatives, or artificial ingredients). And of course, it should be safe, without causing unwanted effects, and should hold a quality certificate.

Collagen for Seniors

Are you leading an active life in your senior years? That is great! Especially for you, we have developed collagen for seniors, acting as a guide to your active lifestyle. It provides stability to joints and cartilage, aiding in maintaining good physical shape.

Collagen for Women

Collagen for women is a great ally in skin care for women who care about their appearance. If you are one of those women who notice even a tiny line on the forehead in the form of a wrinkle and would like to get rid of it, we have developed a special collagen for women. It is a collagen powder (easy to digest and quick to mix with water for immediate consumption) and can aid in improving skin structure, maintaining hydration, and minimizing signs of aging, such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Additionally, try our natural beauty elixir - collagen for hair, nails, and skin, which can enhance nail strength, restore hair luster, slow down aging, and internally fortify the organism.