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Shipping and payment

Shipping and payment


Fast and convenient delivery to your home within European Union.

If your order items are in stock, we will ship them to you within 2-3 business days.

We could ship to these countries:

Austria 5,90,- Eur Ireland 17,90,- Eur
Belgium 13,90,- Eur Italy 12,90,- Eur
Bulgaria 9,9,- Eur Lithuania 7,90,- Eur
Croatia 7,90,- Eur Netherlands 14,90,- Eur
Denmark 15,90,- Eur Portugal 15,90,- Eur
Estonia 13,90,- Eur Romania 6,90,- Eur
France 12,90,- Eur Slovenia 7,90,- Eur
Finland 28,90,- Eur Spain 14,90,- Eur
Germany 7,90,- Eur Switzerland 17,9,- Eur
Greece 10,90 Eur Sweden 22,90,-Eur
Hungary 5,9,- Eur


Apple Pay and Google Pay
Currently the most popular and fastest payment methods. You can pay with just one click using the card stored on your phone. 

Online payment with a bank card

Fast and secure online payment with bank card (credit or debit) through the payment gateway. After clicking on "Order with payment obligation", you will be redirected to the website of the bank's payment gateway, where you will enter your bank card details securely. Payment with a bank card can be combined with any form of shipping.