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Nutritional supplements for cyclists

As a cyclist, what is the best way to recharge your energy aside from simply cycling and admiring the natural scenery around you? An energy drink? An energy gel? Essentially, something easy to carry along on your bike, right? Nutritional supplements for cyclists are designed to be easily transportable. Cycling is about endurance, so it is crucial not to dehydrate or exhaust the organism quickly.

Our energy gel is guaranteed not to spill on you. It is an important nutrition for cyclists. It will provide you with more energy, ensuring greater and easier performance and longer endurance. Our developed energy gel contains high-quality ingredients:

  • MCT fats – easily digestible, these fats are not stored but used as a quick energy source for muscle metabolism. They do not produce lactic acid when burned, which protects the muscle from overacidification and muscle fatigue. It eliminates hunger, chronic fatigue, and irritation caused by sugar deficiency. Since MCT fats increase the level of insulin, while the level of sugar in the blood (glucose) does not increase, the organism is not exposed to hypoglycemic shock that can occur during prolonged, especially endurance training.
  • Arginine - dilates blood vessels and creates the "NO effect." It stimulates the production of growth hormone, insulin, and glucagon, contributes to the creation and elevation of creatine levels, and supports immunity and detoxification of the organism.
  • Citrulline - transforms into L-arginine in the body after a certain period, which then changes into NO in cells. It increases energy production (ATP) in muscles by over 35%, effectively using oxygen during exertion and at rest.
  • Taurine - supports the nervous system, improves both physical and mental performance, and contributes to faster post-exercise regeneration.
  • L-carnitine - reduces subcutaneous fat stores and body weight, supports heart function, and increases strength and endurance.
  • Minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium contribute to normal muscle function during performance and help prevent cramping after sports activities.