Our body is composed mainly of water, so its sufficiency is vital for us. However, high-strength exercise or, for example, endurance running can deprive us of a large amount of water. In warm weather, the body sweats more intensely to help us cool down. Often you don't even notice it, because it depends on the temperature, humidity and activity you are doing. Therefore, it is important not to rely only on thirst to tell you when and how much you need to drink.

You need to drink plenty of fluids to keep your muscles working as they should and to avoid premature fatigue. Before, during and after exercise. And if it lasts an hour or more, just water is not enough. You need carbohydrates to replenish energy and minerals to replace electrolytes washed out in sweat.

Energy drinks will help you replenish lost energy. They are low in calories and are easily soluble in water. So you can have them at hand at any time and in the amount you need. Don't stop when you go to the maximum. Treat yourself to a regular dose of freshness and energy that will keep you in action.