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Teach your children to eat healthy
Teach your children to eat healthy

Teach your children to eat healthy

Teach your children to eat healthy

The eating habits we acquire during childhood and are with us all our lives and is difficult to change them. If we as children use to eat a cookie or dessert after lunch, it will be very difficult to stop with this habit.


The same goes for taking food as a reward. If your parents rewarded you with something tasty and used the typical phrases "Don't cry, you get a lollipop", "When you get 1 at school, I'll take you to a patisserie", you will be rewarded with food even in adulthood. And that's not good at all - we shouldn't take food as a reward.

Development of eating habbits alrealdy starts during childhood

Children are not born with the fact that they love french fries and pizza and they do not like broccoli or boiled carrots. Their tastes develop according to their eating habits. If children often have access to fast food, their taste buds will get used to it and they will not like broccoli or white yogurt with flakes.

Of course, it's okay to have junk food sometimes. In most cases, however, children should receive a full diet and you, as parents, should look for various alternatives to unhealthy snacks. After all, today there are many healthy and also tasty alternatives for children.

Help your children build a healthy relationship with food that will last them a lifetime. Teach them that what they eat can affect not only their physical but also their mental state.

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Lead by example

Children need someone to look up to and learn from. They like to imitate and this applies to everything, even with eating habits. Unnecessarily you will force the child to eat vegetables while you enjoy your favourite salted chips.

Involve children in shopping and cooking

You can slowly teach them what to look for when they are shopping, how to read labels and simply explain to them why white yogurt is better than sweetened pudding and so on. You can also involve them in cooking and you will see that they eat the food with more enthusiasm.


Have healthy snacks at home

Everyone sometimes has a taste for something tasty and unhealthy. Therefore, instead of classic biscuits at home, always have healthy and tasty alternatives. You can reach for the cereal bars or prepare a healthy dessert with sponge biscuits and fruit.

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Pay attention to portions

Be sure not to insist that your child always eats everything from the plate (You will not leave the table until you have eaten it all ...). And again, we repeat one of the most important rules - never use food as a reward.

Take care of breakfast

Children should start the day with breakfast. Research even shows that children who have breakfast every day perform better at school. This is because they concentrate better and have enough energy. But you need to be careful about what they have for breakfast.

The most suitable are breakfasts with a high protein content - cereals enriched with proteins, yoghurts, milk, cheese, eggs ... Give them wholemeal bread and instead of juices and sweet drinks, give them a healthy drinking regime, for example in the form of a tasty JAMI drink.

Have a dinner like family gathering

Take the time to sit down to dinner together as a family. You will not only show the children how you can enjoy a healthy home-cooked diet, but you will also combine dinner with a pleasant sitting and family debate. The children will be looking forward to telling you at dinner about how they were during the day, what they experienced at school or with friends. Don't be disturbed by TV or mobile phones.

Mask the taste of healthy foods

If children refuse to eat vegetables and fruits, serve them otherwise. For example, add grated carrots to their mashed potatoes or sprinkle apple slices with a sweet dip.

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Cook more at home

Alternatively, really take care about which restaurant you go to. In the children's menu in most restaurants there are still unhealthy classics - fried cheese, french fries, fried chicken nuggets ...

Find suitable alternatives

French fries from fast food French fries baked in oven
Ice cream Fruit sorbet or Frozen yogurt
Chocolate pudding JAMI Dessert
Donut Muffins with JAMI dessert
Sweet lemonade JAMI drink
Chips Home - baked oven chips / vegetable chips
Pancakes with nutella Wholemeal pancakes with JAMI dessert

What can I do, if my child already has weight problems?

First of all, don't ignore this problem and don't try to say that it's okay. If a young child is already obese, in adulthood he is very likely to have cardiovascular disease, joint problems, mental disorders and various other diseases.

It is important not to blame or swear at the child for having extra kilograms. It can mentally mark him.

Never force a child to follow a diet. Change his diet, add movement and you will see that the weight decreased. Be sure not to deny him carbohydrates or fats, because every child needs them for his healthy development.

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As we mentioned above, you take care about what breakfast you prepare for your child or what foods you have at home.

Sign him up for a club or sporting activity you'll fall in love with. If you see that he doesn't like football, for example, don't force him to go there but look for suitable alternatives. And again, don't forget that if a child sees you playing sports, he will want to do the same. If you shout in front of the TV, let him go for a little run, it won't have the right effect.