New - Glutation one of the strongest antioxidants



Are you looking for a gift for an athlete or do you want that your family will be healthy? Choose one of our packages, which are arranged so that everyone can find the essentials they need for a healthy lifestyle. Every month, in addition to gift packages, you will also find special packages and products that offer many benefits and great products at great prices.

Get inspired by the complete packages with products that are functional and high quality. A combination of nutritional supplements for easier and more active movement in a practical package.

Gelo 3 complex (orange) to improve joint mobility and supplement the necessary nutrients, MSM and Omega 3 to alleviate joint stiffness. And what is the necessity of every athlete? HypoFit ionic drink in a limited hot ginger-apple flavor, excellent for cold days. Instant K4 Power BCAA in new raspberry flavor and AcidoFit mix to supplement minerals for proper muscle function and pH control.

The Health box will help improve health of your family and at the same time you will help those who really need it.