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Fit Chitosferin

Lactose-free Product Soy-free Product No GMO 100 % Natural Product

An effective fat-eater that literally picks up fats from food. Fit Chitosferrin has a purely natural composition, it will be appreciated by people who want to prevent the storage of received fat from food in fat stores.

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Product description

Fit Chitospherin, also known as a "fat binder", is a mixture of natural substances that have the ability to bind visible (butter, mayonnaise, oil) and hidden fats (pastries, meat, confectionery) from the food and naturally eliminate them from the body. One gram of FitChitosferin can bind up to 17 grams of fat and then eliminate them from the body and at the same time help the food not burden the stomach. If you are waiting for a celebration, wedding, barbecue or a very rich dinner, where you know you will overeat, FitChitosferin will be the right product for you to "relieve stomach."

Each capsule contains special "beads" that disperse in the stomach when the capsule is dissolved. Thanks to their special composition, they neutralize a large part of fats from food, especially through the natural fiber chitosan, which is activated and binds fatty acids into a strong covalent bond and then eliminates them from the body.


  • Chitosan - is a natural fiber to which fats bind in the intestines, which prevents them from being absorbed into the blood and at the same time contributes to maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels.
  • Activated carbon - has a high absorption capacity - binds to itself and removes from the body not only fatty substances but also toxins and contributes to reducing excessive gas after a meal
  • Green tea extract - supports fat metabolism and increases energy expenditure

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