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Shaker Prostak 450ml

KOMPAVA is the first to launch a ProStak shaker from the renowned company Blender Bottle on the Slovak market. ProStak offers you the opportunity to carry your daily doses of proteins, amino acids and BCAAs in a practical package. Forget the plastic bags in the bag. 

Shaker Prostak 450ml
19.70 €

Product description

  • you don't have to carry pockets or vials - the proteins, amino acids and capsules you need before, during or after your workout will fit in 2 containers and a capsule container
  • it is made of first-class materials without phthalates and BPA, so no harmful substances are released into the drink (even in the event of sunlight on the shaker)
  • patented BlenderBall® ball made of surgical steel ensures mixing of powders and denser mixtures (eg oatmeal, yogurt)
  • the lid ensures 100 % tightness without overflow
  • opening and closing is easy with a snap lock
  • a special holder allows comfortable carrying of the shaker 


  • 450 ml shaker
  • 150 mil container with separate lid
  • 100 mil container with separate lid
  • separate container for capsules or tablets 
  • patented BlenderBall® made of surgical steel

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