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About us

About us

Ing. Želmíra Komorechová

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Almost two decades ago, it was just a dream that later came to life.

In 2002, Želmíra Komorechová (the owner of Kompava), had a vision to build her own successful production and distribution of nutritional supplements.

How did it all start?

The development and production of nutritional supplements - and thus the beginnings of Kompava, as you know it today - started in 2002. The driving force behind Želmíra’s determination was her nephew, Tomáš Jurkovič who was successfully starting his triathlon journey at the time. After she gave him his first nutritional supplements, his performance improved significantly and his body was able to recover faster. This gave her the courage and determination to develop and produce new natural nutritional supplements here in Slovakia.


Currently, you can find over 75 different types of products in our portfolio. They are divided into three categories, namely sports, pharma and anti-age. We first started by making sports nutrition supplements, but later we found that athletes also need supplements to support their health. Once you have a stomach problem, you will never give a perfect sports performance. Therefore, we have also started to develop products that help solve and prevent several health issues in everyone, not only athletes.


We offer a wide range of supplements from the drinking regime, through fat burners, proteins or energizers to products that support health, digestion, protect joints and the cardiovascular system. Very popular are also our anti-aging products, which have won the hearts of many happy customers.

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What makes Kompava special?

 Our customers appreciate that our nutritional supplements are made in Slovakia, directly in Nove Mesto nad Váhom. Some of our products are progressive, and others have no competition when it comes their composition and are award-winnning.


Every single product is developed for maximum functionality and contains the highest quality ingredients. Above all we want provide you - our customers – with safe and efficient products. We use ingredients of the highest quality and maximum approved amounts to ensure the best possible efficiency. Our products don’t contain any artificial dyes, aromas or any other additives. We believe that nutritional supplements should help the body and not contaminate it with various artificial additives.


The ingredients in our products come from carefully selected suppliers from all over the world. The products are made with clean food and pharmaceutical components, which are permitted within European Union. We often emphasize: Slovakia has very strict production requirements. However, it also has its advantages. You can be sure that we are not repackaging anything. Everything that is on the packaging is also inside of the package and most importantly it will not be detrimental to your body.


Who makes up our team?

Our team consists of almost thirty trained employees. We feel responsible for everything we do. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations,  and we develop and prepare each product with an emphasis on maximum efficiency and functionality while maintaining all the conditions of quality, safety and purity of our products.


"We are taking care of your health" is the motto we follow in the production of each product. We want you to appreciate and trust our products as much as we put all our knowledge and heart into them.