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K2 Anti Age Day & Night

Nutritional supplement No GMO For Diabetics

A unique combination of active ingredients in the daily phase to support cellular energy with cordyceps, ginseng and coenzyme Q10. The night phase to support cell cleansing contains sulforaphane and grape seed extract. Together, they contribute to maintaining energy, vitality, mental performance and... Read more

K2 Anti Age Day & Night
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Product description

The individual components of K2 AntiAge help create cellular energy, improve physical performance, vitality and a youthful appearance. If you feel tired and exhausted despite getting enough sleep, replenish your energy and vitality with K2 Anti Age. The product is designed to achieve maximum effect and therefore consists of two phases - day and night.

The K2 Anti Age Day improves the production of cellular energy in the mitochondria during the day, which increases the body's vitality, physical performance and improves sexual health, mental acuity and concentration. As it ages, the number and activity of mitochondria in cells decreases. Mitochondria are considered to be the energy units of a cell. During their lifetime, mitochondria become clogged with toxic deposits and harmful substances and can not function at maximum performance. The result is constant fatigue and exhaustion, a decrease in the activity of the whole body and mind, as well as a gradual disappearance of the feeling of youth and freshness. And it is the daily phase that helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion, has a positive effect on memory and concentration, and brings skinish appearance to skin cells and provides energy.

The K2 Anti Age Night intensifies the process of cell cleansing at night, protects cells from oxidative stress and damage, which encourages waking up in the morning full of energy, vitality and youth. At night between 1:00 - 3:00, the liver is the most active according to the biological clock. Because the liver is associated with detoxification, the strongest process of cleansing the body is at night, during sleep. Such a cleansing will be reflected in how you feel in the morning after waking up. After proper regeneration, you should feel fresh, healthy, full of energy and more vital in the morning than the day before. The results should also be positively reflected on your skin.

Simply put, the night part cleanses the mitochondria and the day part fills them with energy. Therefore, we recommend using the individual parts together, as they complement each other.

K2 Anti Age includes:

Daily phase of K2 Anti Age Day

  • Caterpillar fungus (Cordyceps sinensis) - this is an exotic mushroom that is part of traditional Chinese medicine several millennia old. Cordyceps increases the body's ability to adapt to oxygen deficiency, toxic substances or heavy physical activity. It also improves the oxygenation of all cells in the body, which has a positive effect on the production of energy in the mitochondria, helps to improve fatigue states, improves memory and has rejuvenating effects.
  • Ginseng (Panax ginseng) - has been used as an adaptogen for medicinal purposes in China, Japan and Korea for thousands of years. It is the strongest instrument in Asian medicine. The ginseng plant contains the active substances saponins - ginsenoids, which have a stabilizing effect on human physiology. Ginseng is one of the best means of protection against mental stress and stabilizes the level of cortisol, which is the main stress hormone. It also increases the physical and mental performance of the body, improves memory, concentration, spatial orientation, ability to learn and slows down the aging.
  • Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10) is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from damage and oxidative stress. It increases the production of energy in the cells of the heart, muscles and brain. Aging is usually associated with a decrease in coenzyme Q10 in the mitochondria (power plants) of cells, especially from the age of 30. Lack of coenzyme Q10 is manifested in the body by reduced performance, poorer load tolerance, reduced activity, fatigue and the ability to regenerate.

Night phase K2 Anti Age Night

  • Broccoli extract - the main active ingredient is sulforaphane (sulfur compound). It acts as a signaling molecule, which means that when it enters cells, it turns on more than 200 genes that may have been knocked out due to the cell's high toxicity, poor lifestyle, or old age. Once the genes are activated, detoxification and antioxidant enzymes are produced, which deprive the cell of toxins and restore its activity to the maximum.
  • Grape seed extract - grape seeds contain biologically active polyphenols that protect cells from oxidative damage and are therefore used as a supportive agent in immune disorders, allergies and cardiovascular disorders.

Product is suited for

  • To maintain mental performance, vitality and the body's natural defenses
  • During stressful periods, severe physical and mental strain
  • At the first signs of wrinkles caused by stress, free radicals and age
  • After reaching the age of 30 (after this age, aging accelerates several times)
  • In case of lack of energy, acumen and concentration, loss of vitality
  • To maintain sexual health

Recommended intake

  • Day phase - swallow 4 capsules with sufficient amount of water in the morning on an empty stomach 
  • Night phase - swallow 2 capsules with sufficient amount of water in the evening before going to bed 

Serving instructions

It is necessary to swallow the capsules with sufficient amount of water. 

Nutritional values

DAY - daily dose:
100 g4 kapsuly/1640 mg*% GDA
Energy value1724 kJ/407,5 kcal28,27 KJ/6,7 kcal0,3
Proteins3,6 g0,06 g0,1
Carbohydrates83,41 g1,37 g0,5
Fats6,61 g0,1 g0,1
Active substances:
Cordyceps sinensis extrakt60,98 g1000 mg-
Panax ginseng  extract34,52 g 566 mg-
Coenzyme Q103,05 g50 mg-
NIGHT - nightly dose:
100 g2 kapsuly/900 mg*% GDA
Energy value1537 kJ/361,7 kcal13,83 KJ/3,25 kcal0,16
Proteins10,54 g0,09 g0,18
Carbohydrates79,15 g0,7 g0,27
Fats0,33 g0 g0
Active substances:
Broccoli extract76,22 g686 mg-
Grape extract22,22 g200 mg-

* GDA% - guideline daily amounts - percentage of daily value per serving. Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal).

** GDA% - not specified

Day: Caterpillar fungus (Cordyceps sinensis) extract, ginseng root (Panax ginseng), coenzyme Q10, magnesium stearate, vegetable capsule (hypromellose, calcium carbonate)

Night: The extract of broccoli (Brassica oleracea italica), extract of grape seeds (Vitis vinifera L.), magnesium stearate, capsule (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose).

Not suitable for children under 18, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of small children, in a dry place, away from direct sunlight at a temperature between 10°C and 25°C. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet.

  • Cordyceps sinensis

    1000 mg
  • Coenzyme Q10

    50 mg
  • Broccoli extract

    686 mg
  • Grape extract

    200 mg
K2 Anti Age Day & Night

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Frequently asked questions

Of course, K2 AntiAge is also suitable for men. In addition to eliminating chronic fatigue, it promotes vitality, thus increasing sexual energy, desire and improving blood circulation.

It does not contain vitamin K2.

Yes, you must use both the day and night phases of K2 AntiAge. K2 AntiAge works at the cellular level. It contains two cans: black and white, and each can contains completely different active ingredients. Black box and its active ingredients are aimed at detoxifying and purifying cells, while protecting cells from oxidative stress and damage. You will wake up fresh, vital and full of energy. The active ingredients from the white can then supply energy to the cells by cleaning them, increase their performance and you will be maximally concentrated during the day, you will not feel tired and the vitality will decrease.

It is important to take a break after approximately three months of use so that the body does not become accustomed to the supply of stimulants. You will have your cells cleaned of all deposits and you will feel fresh, healthy, more vital and full of energy every morning.

Certainly yes. K2 AntiAge contains high-quality natural ingredients that improve the production of cellular energy in the mitochondria (energy centers of the cell), which increases body vitality, physical performance, mental acuity and concentration. You will feel a rush of energy and you will be maximally focused.