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Plastic Shaker 500ml

Plastic shaker KOMPAVA 500 ml for precise mixing of your favorite protein cocktail. Thanks to its simplicity and practicality, you can now enjoy your protein drink anywhere, anytime!

Plastic Shaker 500ml
5.88 €

Product description

The material made of soft plastic guarantees the plastic shaker KOMPAVA 500 ml trouble-free handling and a firm grip. Quickly and easily mix your protein shake or energy drink anywhere, including your kitchen!

It is suitable for mixing cocktails (protein, energy, hypotonic, ionic, isotonic drinks) - mixing puddings - mixing any powder in a liquid - kitchen preparation (eg pancake mass).

Technical specifications

  • the material made of solid plastic and the threaded lid guarantee trouble-free handling
  • composed of 3 parts: container, grid, lid
  • the grid ensures perfect mixing of any powder
  • volume 500 ml

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