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Sports Bottle and Shaker Sportmixer 2in1 820ml

KOMPAVA brings you a 2in1 Sportmixer bottle and shaker from the Blender Bottle, which combines the elegant design and functionality of a sports bottle and shaker in one. Is designed so that it fits exactly in your hand and at the same time retains an effective design.

Sports Bottle and Shaker Sportmixer 2in1 820ml
26.53 €

Product description

The first-class materials used on the SPORTMIXER 2in1 sports bottle and shaker. Bottle is your perfect companion for the right drinking regime before and during sports performance as well as for leisure. The patented surgical steel ball mixes protein cocktails quickly and easily with an energy drink.

The issue of bottles and staying in the sun focuses on the presence of a chemical in plastics called Bisphenol A (BPA). While many plastic bottles contain BPA, for example polycarbonate water bottles also contain this chemical, our sports bottle is BPA FREE. It is therefore safe and you can safely expose it to sunlight and unwanted and dangerous substances will not be released into your drink.

Technical specifications

  • volume 820 ml
  • suitable for hot and cold drinks
  • neoprene cover for better grip
  • the coveer also protects against hot drinks
  • special cap that does not flow

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