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Indication Papers Double pH Control

Easy and fast determination of pH. 

Indication Papers Double pH Control
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Product description

Papers are used to measure the pH of urine, from which it is possible to determine the true state of acidification of the body. Long-term acidification of the body causes various diseases and inflammations in the body, which can turn into chronic diseases. If your pH regularly gets from an alkaline to an acidic environment, it is acidosis - a disorder of the ideal balance of acids and bases. On the basis of indicator papers, it is possible to regularly check, improve and heal your condition.

Indicator papers are environmentally friendly and are made in a unique way, where the resulting color change is more pronounced, clearer and more durable until the paper dries. Each piece of paper is long enough. The indicator surfaces are located at the bottom edge and the user is thus protected from splashing with the test liquid. To increase the accuracy of pH readings, the papers are equipped with two indicator areas. This allows easy and fast determination of the pH level of the test liquid. The package further contains a two-row comparative color scale with clearly distinguishable combinations for given pH values. Ultimately, these papers provide an indication of the pH of the test fluid quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.


Insert the indicator paper into the urine stream for 2 seconds, shake it from the rest of the fluid, we recommend taking the measurement in the morning on an empty stomach. Apply the paper to the color scale of the scale within 40 seconds until the urine dries and compare your pH.


Store in the original package, in a dry place, not exposed to sunlight, acids or alkaline gases and vapors.

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Frequently asked questions

In case of a bad result, it is recommended to adjust the diet in the first place and to repeat it after the measurement time and monitor whether the results improve. If they are bad for a long time, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

It is possible to trust any result, but it is recommended to test regularly, or at least several times, as the pH of urine is affected by many factors.

In the morning on an empty stomach.