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Delicious 100% whey protein with high protein content and minimal fat and carbohydrates. Thanks to digestive enzymes, it is easily digestible and does not burden the stomach. It is enriched with vitamins, minerals and BCAAs.

Profi WHEY Protein
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Basic description

Profi Whey protein was developed to achieve your desired fitness goals. It contains 100% whey protein, so thanks to its high protein content and minimal amount of carbohydrates and fats, it is ideally suited to a diet. It represents an ideal and tasty form of high-quality protein supplementation after a demanding training session. Thanks to the content of the amino acid l-glutamine and BCAA, it significantly contributes to faster muscle regeneration. The enzyme complex contained in Profi Whey protein improves its absorption, the utilization of all nutrients contained in it and also prevents bloating. It is also suitable for diabetics.

What are proteins?

They are one of the three basic types of nutrients that make up the diet and are essential for the proper functioning of the body. They are made up of different amino acids that bind together in chains and form structures called proteins. These proteins have key roles in the body, including supporting growth, tissue regeneration, production of enzymes, hormones and other biochemical processes.

The importance of proteins

After sports performance, a balanced diet is very important because it plays a key role in muscle regeneration. In order for the body to get back to the right balance, it is necessary to provide it with a sufficient intake of quality nutrients. Protein is one of the key nutrients you should consume after physical activity.

The role of proteins

  • Muscle regeneration: After training, the muscles are often tired and minor damage to the muscle fibers may occur. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle tissue and help repair and grow muscles.
  • Synthesis of enzymes and hormones: Proteins are necessary for the formation of various enzymes and hormones that control metabolic processes in the body.
  • Energy recovery: After an intense workout, the body can be depleted of energy reserves. Proteins can be used to restore energy reserves in the body.
  • Increasing the feeling of fullness: Eating protein can help maintain a feeling of fullness and prevent overeating later.

Profi Whey Protein contains

100% Whey protein

Whey protein contains a high amount of protein and essential amino acids, making it an effective source of protein. The main benefits include:

  • High biological value: Whey protein has a high biological value, which means that the body uses it well for the synthesis of muscle proteins and for various metabolic processes.
  • Fast absorption: Whey concentrate is quickly absorbed into the body, which makes it ideal for muscle recovery and regeneration after sports performance.
  • Rich in essential amino acids: Contains a high amount of essential amino acids, including BCAA (branched chain amino acids), which are important for supporting muscle regeneration and growth.
  • Muscle mass support: Whey protein consumption can help maintain or increase muscle mass, which is important for athletes and those focused on strength training.
  • A practical way of protein intake: Whey protein is easily prepared, it can be mixed with water, milk or added to smoothies, yogurt or other foods.


L-glutamine is an amino acid that has important roles in the body, especially in muscle tissue and the immune system. L-glutamine is often referred to as the "regeneration amino acid" because of its role in the repair and regeneration of muscle tissue. Furthermore, it helps to minimize muscle catabolism (decomposition of muscle tissue into energy), thus maintaining muscle mass and sports performance.

Glutamine is also an important player in maintaining healthy function of the small intestine, mucosal integrity and immune response. Its sufficient supply from food is important for maintaining the overall health of the digestive system.


BCAA (up to 5.18g in one dose) is a group of three essential amino acids: valine, leucine and isoleucine. These amino acids have important roles in the body, especially in muscle tissue:

  • Support of muscle regeneration: BCAAs help faster regeneration of muscle tissue after training.

Protection of muscle mass: During endurance training or muscle activity, muscle catabolism occurs, i.e. the breakdown of muscles into energy. It is BCAAs that protect muscles from breakdown and thus from overtraining (muscle fever) and damage.

Group B vitamins

Vitamins of the B group (B6, B2, B1, B12, B9) contained in protein play an important role in many biochemical processes in the body, including the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. These vitamins also have a significant impact on energy metabolism, the nervous system and the formation of red blood cells. Since sports performance is often associated with demanding physiological demands on the body, B vitamins can have a positive effect on sports performance.


Taurine is an organic acid that plays an important role in several body functions and processes. It is found naturally in the human body, especially in the muscles, brain and heart.

  • Support of the cardiovascular system: Taurine plays an important role in the regulation of heart rhythm and heart muscle contractions. It helps maintain the stability of the heart rhythm and reduces the risk of some heart diseases.
  • Nervous System Support: Taurine is associated with nervous system function and may help maintain a balance between excitation and inhibition of nerve impulses. This can have a positive effect on concentration, memory and overall mental well-being.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Taurine has antioxidant properties that help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. It thus contributes to the protection of the body against aging and the risk of chronic oxidative stress.
  • Electrolyte regulation: Taurine is involved in the regulation of electrolytes in the body, including potassium, calcium and sodium. This process is crucial for maintaining fluid balance in the body and normal functioning of muscles and nerves.
  • Support of muscle function: Taurine has a positive effect on muscle function and performance. It plays a role in muscle contraction and can help reduce muscle fatigue during physical activity.
  • Weight loss support: Taurine supports fat metabolism and helps control body weight. It can contribute to better processing and burning of fats in the body

Complex of digestive enzymes

Digestive enzymes are biologically active molecules that play a key role in the process of digesting food.

  • Reduction of indigestion:. Digestive enzymes prevent the development of digestive problems, such as feeling heavy after a meal, flatulence or cramps.
  • Better absorption of nutrients: Digestive enzymes can contribute to better absorption of nutrients, including proteins, vitamins and minerals. This will ensure that the body uses incoming nutrients more efficiently to support various body functions.

Who is the product for?

Profi Whey Protein is suitable for all professional and hobby fitness enthusiasts. Its composition ensures the supply of high-quality proteins, which are important for the proper recovery of the body after sports performance. They will come in handy with it:

  • Athletes and active people: Protein is the basic building block of muscles and helps in the recovery of muscle tissue after training. Therefore, thanks to the high content of quality proteins, Profi Whey Protein is ideal for sportsmen, bodybuilders, athletes and everyone who exercises regularly and needs an optimal supply of proteins to support regeneration and muscle growth.
  • People on a diet: Profi Whey Protein can be useful for those who want to lose weight and stay full while reducing their caloric intake. A higher intake of quality protein can help maintain muscle mass during dieting and weight loss, as well as kick-start fat metabolism.
  • Enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle: Profi Whey Protein is suitable for people who are trying to improve their nutrition and ensure sufficient protein intake. It can serve as a simple and practical way to supplement your daily protein intake.
  • Hard-working people: This protein supplement can also be beneficial for people with physically demanding occupations or daily activities that require greater physical performance and faster regeneration.
  • Restrictions: Profi Whey Protein is suitable for diabetics, celiacs and children from 14 years of age.

Recommended intake

The recommended dosage of the nutritional supplement is formulated to take into account the individual needs and characteristics of each organism. We do not focus only on one universal dosage, because we know that each of us is unique.

To support the growth of muscle mass (use on the day of strength training)

  • 2 – 3 doses (1 dose = 2 scoops = 30g)
  • take between meals
  • suitable to take before training, 1 hour after training or before going to bed
  • the maximum recommended amount for the development of muscle mass is 2g of protein per 1kg of body weight

For overall regeneration and protection of muscle mass

  • 1-2 doses per day (1 dose = 2 scoops = 30g)
  • take between meals or before bed

Remember that every organism is individual, so it is recommended to consult a nutritionist in case of concerns or questions. Always make sure to follow the instructions on the packaging of the nutritional supplement. Our goal is to promote your health and well-being, so we're here to help you find the best way to reap the benefits of our products.

Serving instructions

Follow these steps to achieve maximum efficiency:

Preparation: Start by preparing your shaker and protein shake. In it you will find a carefully balanced mix of effective ingredients that are ready to provide the necessary nutrients to your body.

Dissolution: Pour 2.5 dl of clean water into the shaker and pour the daily dose of protein into it using a measuring cup. The water can be cold or room temperature, depending on your preference, but cold water may cause poorer solubility. Shake everything together. You can replace the water with vegetable or low-fat milk, but for better utilization of nutrients, we recommend that you always make proteins with water.

Consumption: After sifting the protein, wait at least 5 minutes before consuming. During this time, all its components will be perfectly combined and you will achieve the maximum effect and taste. Enjoy the drink slowly, drink it gradually. This will give your body time to absorb valuable substances. This process may only take a few minutes, so enjoy every sip.

We recommend consuming Profi Whey Protein before sleep, training, an hour after training, or between meals. When consuming, follow the recommended dosage according to your preferences.

Remember that regularity is the key to success. Follow the recommended dosage and use the drink regularly to achieve maximum results and benefits for your body.

Nutritional values

100g1 dose (30g )%GDA*1dose
Energy value1564 kJ/373,6 kcal470 kJ/112,3 kcal5,62 % 
Fats3,0 g0,9 g1,20 %
of which saturated fatty acids2,0 g0,6 g3 %
Carbohydrates4,0 g1,2 g0,44 %
of which sugars4,0 g1,2 g1,33 %
Proteins80,5 g24,15 g48,30 %
Salt1,61 g0,48 g8 %

*NRV – nutritional reference value (8400 kJ/2000 kcal).

Base: whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, L-glutamine, mixture of amino
acids (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine), taurine, guar gum, xanthan, salt, vitamin premix (C
(L-ascorbic acid), niacin (nicotinamide), E (D-α-tocopheryl acetate), pantothenic acid
(calcium D-pantothenate), B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), B2 (riboflavin), B1 (thiamine
hydrochloride), folic acid (pteroylmonoglutamic acid), biotin (D-biotin), B12
(cyanocobalamin)), siliciumdioxid, sweeteners (steviol glycosides, sucralose), enzymes.

Chocolate: base + cocoa powder 22%, flavor: chocolate.
Chocolate-banana: base + cocoa powder 22%, flavor: chocolate, banana.
Vanilla: base + flavor: vanilla, cream.
Raffaelo: base + flavor: coconut, white chocolate, cream.
Strawberry: base + strawberry powder, citric acid, natural color: beetroot extract, aroma:
strawberry, vanilla.

Contains a source of phenylalanine. Not suitable for children under 14, pregnant and
lactating women. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Store out of reach of small children, in a
dry environment, in a well-closed container at a temperature of up to 25 °C. Do not use as
a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. The specified
recommended daily dose must not be exceeded.

Decision ÚVZSR BPOVO/6121/2005/Ht

No doping - the product does not contain any substance from the List of Prohibited Substances of the World Anti-Doping Code. The product does not contain preservatives or genetically modified ingredients.

100g1 dose (30g )%GDA*1dose
Vitamin C54 mg16 mg20,00 %
Vitamin E9,0 mg2,7 mg22,50 %
Vitamin B11,3 mg0,4 mg36,40 %
Vitamin B21,4 mg0,4 mg28,60 %
Niacine 16 mg4,9 mg30,60 %
Pantothenic acid5,4 mg1,6 mg26,70 %
Vitamin B61,8 mg0,5 mg35,70 %
Vitamin B120,9 μg0,3 μg12 %
Folic acid180 μg54 μg27 %
Biotin135 μg40 μg80 %

*NRV – nutritional reference value (8400 kJ/2000 kcal).

100g1 dose (30g )
Alanine4,33 g1300 mg
Arginine2,04 g702 mg
Asparagine10,07 g3020 mg
Cysteine2,04 g612 mg
Glutamine20,1 g6030 mg
Glycine1,62 g486 mg
Histidine1,52 g456 mg
IsoLeucine*5,83 g1750 mg
Leucine*10,03 g3010 mg
Lysine*8,0 g2,4 g
Methionine*2,08 g624 mg
FenylAlanine*2,68 g804 mg
Proline5,35 g1600 mg
Serine3,61 g1100 mg
Treonine*6,32 g1900 mg
Tryptophan*2,01 g603 mg
Tyrozín2,4 g720 mg
Valine*5,18 g1,55 mg
EAK*42,13 g12,64 g
BCAA21,04 g6,3 g

*EAA – essential amino acids

  • Calories

    112,3 kcal
  • Proteins

    24,15 g
  • Carbohydrates

    1,2 g
  • Fats

    0,9 g
Profi WHEY Protein

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