Single Component Proteins

Every athlete or bodybuilder knows the importance of proteins and their additional intake in addition to physical activity (as opposed to people who do not actively play sports and whose protein intake is sufficient from a normal diet). Therefore, those who sweat regularly in the gym and during strength training, will certainly appreciate their effect. There are many different types of protein on the market today for people of all ages, for any kind of lifestyle or sports deployment - just find out what they can do.

  • Whey protein

It is one of the two proteins contained in milk, the other is casein. Whey has a relatively low lactose content and is considered one of the complete proteins because it contains all nine essential amino acids. The biggest advantage over other species is that its effects are complex. Anyone who wants to lose a few pounds with the help of proteins will do well if they reach specifically for whey, because it is this protein that works great for weight reduction. However, it can also help in other ways: it lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and strengthens immunity. As a novelty, we have included in our offer a whey isolate without lactose content suitable for people who suffer from allergies to milk proteins.

  • Casein

It differs from other proteins in that it enters the bloodstream more slowly, breaks down more slowly into amino acids, and its effect lasts for many hours. Therefore, it works extremely well during sleep and is often referred to as the "night protein."

  • Beef protein

It contains amino acids in the form of peptides, which are quickly absorbed into the muscles and bring an immediate increase in muscle mass. It is suitable as an alternative to whey protein for athletes allergic to lactose and for strength sports. If you want to do the maximum for yourself, come to it comprehensively. By combining the right training and a balanced lifestyle with a lot of protein, you will achieve a dreamed figure faster, healthier and, above all, with a long-lasting effect.