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KreaTabs (Creapure® Gluco)

Product is suitable for Vegans Does not contain any substance on World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List For Diabetics 100 % Natural Product

KreaTabs creatine tablets contain high-quality Creapure creatine with glucose, ensuring improved physical and mental condition. The practical form of soluble tablets in the mouth can be used at any time, they are also suitable for vegans.

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Product description

100% micronized creatine with glucose that are contained in KreaTabs (Creapure® Gluco) are designed to increase strength and performance. Creatine contributes to overall improvement of physical and mental condition. It is suitable for use in explosive types of training (bodybuilding, weight lifting ...). Creatine is a part of creatine phosphate, which is the fastest, most responsive source for ATP re-synthesis during short and very intense exercise. Combined with glucose in form of unique tablets, it can provide up to 40% better creatine absorption in your body. KreaTabs are very attractive, not only because of their composition, but also by being suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. 

Effects of KreaTabs in the body:

  • Creatine improves physical performance during repeated high intensity training with short rest periods
  • Daily intake of creatine (3 g) may increase the effect of resistance training and muscle strength in adults over 55 years old
  • The creatine / glucose combination increases creatine utilization by up to 40% and generates a reaction during which creatine enters the cells faster

Product is suited for

  • for bodybuilders, weightlifters, for athletes performing interval cardio training
  • for adults doing very intense exercise
  • for people with strenuous mental work
  • for students with the need for concentration
  • for the elderly
  • for vegetarians and vegans

Recommended intake

1 dose / 1-5 tablets before or during training

Serving instructions

Keep the tablet in mouth until it is dissolved or chew. For an accelerated effect it is advisable to drink with liquid.

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Frequently asked questions

At doses up to 5 g per day, creatine can be used for a long time.

Definitely yes, because women also need to replenish their energy.

Kreatabs and Creapure are among the certified branded creatines, when we summarize the effect they all have the same, the only difference is in the crystallization and KreaTabs are in the form of excellent and tasty tablets.

Dosage of 5 g per day does not cause flooding of the body.

KreaTabs contain glucose to quickly replenish energy and the use of creatine in the body.