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Amino 2500 tablets contain the pure form of whey amino acids. They ensure muscle regeneration after hard physical acitivity and also accelerate the formation of muscle mass. With Amino 2500 tablets, you will achieve an immediate anabolic effect after training.

Amino 2500
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Product description

Amino acids Amino 2500 have a high nutritional value thanks to microfiltered milk whey of the highest quality. They are biologically highly active and can accelerate the formation of muscle mass, thus achieving an immediate anabolic effect (increasing strength and growth of muscle mass). The whey amino acids contained in Amino 2500 ensure a strong concentration of amino acids in the blood, thanks to which the human body can use sufficient building material in time of building muscle. At the same time, they protect muscle cells and prevent catabolism of muscle proteins after training.

Amino acids are the main component for ensuring a positive nitrogen balance - this is a state where the intake of nitrogen is higher than consumption, which ensure availability of substances that are necessary to start important processes in organism. In addition, they contain a high percentage of essential amino acids that the human body is not able to form.

AMINO 2500 contain:

  • Whey protein concentrate - this is whey from which water and casein are removed to create ultra pure protein. It is rich in glutamine and BCAA (leucine, isoleucine, valine). Thanks to these ingredients is ideal for building muscle mass and helping with regeneration. 

Product is suited for

  • For active and hobby athletes
  • To improve regeneration after intense training
  • To increase muscle mass
  • For the people after surgery during convalescence
  • For children from 14 years

Recommended intake

  • Adults: a minimum dose 3 to 5 tablets per day
  • Children from 8 years: 3 to 5 tablets a day depending on the intensity of training
  • We recommend dividing the doses depending on the intensity of training, body weight and the use of other protein supplements:
    • between meals - to increase your daily intake of quality protein
    • inmediately after training - at this time the intensity of muscle protein recovery is highest 
    • before sleeping – the effectiveness of growth hormone which is responsible for the structure and strenght of muscle cells can be positively affected
  • We recommend taking Amino 2500 together with food and B vitamins
  • The recomended daily protein intake for effective and rapid growth of muscle mass is 2 g per 1 kg of body weight

Serving instructions

The tablets should be swallowed with water.

Nutritional values

100g1 tablet (2,5 g)% GDA* per 1 capsule
Energy value1525,8 kJ360,6 kcal38,2 kJ9,02 kcal0,45 %
Fats5,52 g0,14 g0,2 %
of which saturated fatty acids3,68 g0,09 g0,46 %
Carbohydrates5,98 g0,15 g0,06 %
of which sugars5,98 g0,15 g0,17 %
Proteins71,76 g1,79 g3,59 %
Salt0 g0 g0 %

* GDA% - guideline daily amounts - percentage of daily value per serving. Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal).

Whey protein concentrate (2.3 g), additives: dicalcium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate, magnesium stearate.


Not suitable for children under 14, for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Store out of reach of small children, in a dry place, out of direct sunlight, at a temperature of up to 25 ° C. The specified recommended daily dose must not be exceeded. Do not use as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Decision ÚVZSR BPOVO / 6122/2005 / Ht

No doping - the product does not contain any substance on the World Anti-Doping Code List of Prohibited Substances. The product does not contain preservatives, synthetic dyes or genetically modified raw materials.

100g1 tablet
Alanine4,9 g112,7 mg
Arginine3,3 g75,9 mg
Asparagine9,1 g209,3 mg
Cysteine2,3 g52,9 mg
Glutamine13,8 g317,4 mg
Glycine2,0 g46,0 mg
Histidine1,8 g41,4 mg
IsoLeucine*6,25 g143,75 mg
Leucine*10,7 g246,1 mg
Lysine*8,1 g186,3 mg
Methionine*2,1 g48,3 mg
FenylAlanine*3,4 g78,2 mg
Proline2,8 g64,4 mg
Serine4,9 g112,7 mg
Treonine*6,9 g158,7 mg
Tryptophan*1,5 g34,5 mg
Tyrozín3,1 g71,3 mg
Valine*6,1 g140,3 mg
EAK*45,05 g1036,15 mg
of which BCAA23,05 g530,15 mg

*EAK- esenciálne/esenciální aminokyseliny

  • Glutamine

    317,4 mg
  • Leucine

    246,1 mg
  • IsoLeucine

    143,75 mg
  • Valine

    140,3 mg
Amino 2500

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Amino 2500 can fully replace protein. Contains undenatured high-quality whey, which is highly nutritionally active in terms of nutrition.

Abreviable WPC means Whey Protein Concentrate.

In the composition and size of one tablet. Amino 2500 are made from Whey Protein Concentrate, Mini Beef from bovine hydrolyzed peptides. 1 tablet of Amino 2500 is 2.5 g and one tablet of Mini Beef is only 950 mg, so is much easier to consume.

The amount of amino acids in one tablet expressed in milligrams.